Need to run a 3 phase motor?

Purchased a new machine that needs 3 phase?

Then this information is for you.

  • First, I don’t sell finished converters or panels. I sell an instructional book.
  • I have no bias towards any manufacturer or particular method.
  • From my start in 1991 all I wanted was fair and accurate advertising about what a particular conversion method could accomplish.
  • Most people would know me for my promotion of what is called the transformer converter.
  • I found out about the transformer method back in 1991 when I had a 10hp machine that was extremely hard to start. (A 25hp rotary could not even come close to starting it)
Click on the links below to get up to date information on the different ways to run your machines.
Note: There are only two types of converters that you can build yourself. The transformer converter and the rotary converter.

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Over 130 pages of information, pictures and drawings.

Learn how to build you own transformer. Raise voltages or lower them.

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Learn how to modify commercial transformers.

Learn how to run the motors using run and start capacitors

Learn how to make transformer converters.

Most important; learn which converter you should get. Commercial rotary? Phase Perfect? Build your own rotary, or a transformer converter.

Learn about electricity and three phase power.

Learn about wire sizes and oil cooling.

If you like to learn about things like this or have a need to run a motor or machine then this book will help you out.

Building phase converters and making and modifying transformers is fun and also I like working with larger electric things. What I am not used to; tiny circuit boards where I can hardly see what the components are, let alone trace the wires.

Handy Sharp knife and tool sharpener

What is a Handy Sharp and why are they here on Unique3phase?

My wife and I have been selling them for years and have decided to cross advertise on the two different sites, here and on

Let’s face it, everyone needs to be able to sharpen a knife, because everyone has a knife. It could be a knife with a 10 inch blade that you wear on your hip, a steak knife, or serrated blade in the kitchen. But in all cases you need to at some time sharpen them.

So what is so great about the Handy Sharp line?

three original handy sharps

They are small and portable and don’t take up a lot of room in a drawer or pocket.

I know that my wife loves hers. She has it in the kitchen drawer and uses it a couple of times a month. She use to ask me to sharpen her knives, and because I was busy watching the game, she would just let it go until the knives were seriously dull. Then it takes a bit more to bring them back, plus she suffered with a dull blade longer then she should have. Now she sharpens her own and keeps a keen edge on them all the time. sharp n sparks mini and full size

I must confess I am not a knife person. I don’t have a favorite knife, I don’t have a knife collection, and I don’t really get into sharpening them. But I am a believer in the Handy Sharp product because of the experience with my wife, and my association with Chad Ruseler who we sell them for. My wife and I sell them on the internet and Chad travels around to gun shows, survival/prepper shows, and home shows. Any where he can get a table and demonstrate the products. I have heard plenty of happy testimonies from satisfied customers. They have a life time warranty so if the people come back it is to buy more.

There are six models of the Handy Sharp line.

There are the original three; Long handle, Rectangle, and the Mini poker chip. They all have the same size carbide piece but the size of the handle is varied.

Then Handy Sharp added two more models. These are geared to the outdoors/survival market. They are called the Sharp-n-spark full size and the Sharp-n-spark mini with bottle opener. The unique thing about these is not only do they have the ability to sharpen tools and knifes but they have a built in fire starter. There is a ferrocerium rod built into the handle. Unscrew the rod and use the carbide to shave off a few bits of the ferrocerium, and then give it good fast scrap to make some ferocious ferrocerium  sparks. And you have a fire started even with wet tinder.

Just recently the company has also added what they call the Survival Spark. It has the tool and knife sharpener, a built in whistle, the sparking rod, and a small compartment inside to store tinder or pills or what ever you might want to hide from the authorities.

survival n sharp

As you can see there is a tool and knife sharpener for just about everyone.

Have any doubts about whether these work or not just watch this video here and see Chad take a dull knife and make it sharp. We also talk about cutting paper which seems to be the standard way product demonstrators use to show how sharp the knife is and the pitfalls with that tactic.

They make Christmas or birthday gifts for that hard to buy for person on your list.

So go on over to and check us out.