25 Horse Compressor at 480 volts.

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This video is part of a group of them I did running the 25 horse compressor.
It is an old Le Roy piston compressor.
In this video I show a spectacular feature of the transformer converter. I run the transformer converter into a 30 kva three phase transformer and raise the voltage to 480 volts.
I am then running the 25 horse motor and it is only using around 29 amps per leg. The voltages are perfectly balanced through the normal operating range of the compressor.
I will point out that people that really don’t know about this sort of stuff are not really impressed. It’s like “oh hum, big deal”. But people who work with this stuff are shocked. “How can you do that they ask?”
It is a big deal because you are saving yourself a lot of grief and agravation by using this method. Running a 25 horse air compressor with out any rotary converter? You would need a 75 horse rotary motor (3 times the hp you want to run) sitting there running and wasting electric just to run a 25 hp compressor.

Here is something interesting. I bought that 25 hp from some company that was upgrading there compressed air system. They told me it worked fine and they just needed a bigger one. When I got it I found that the check valve was leaking which would make it hard to start. I fixed that and started using it in tests, and found that it was a great compressor. I could see nothing wrong with it and you just don’t know how long it will go. It could go another 30 years. So it was so ugly looking I felt bad for it so I spent some time cleaning and painting. Now it looks like it could go in a museum.