30 horse compressor runs at home!

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I had the chance to pick up a 30 horse compressor for a good price and took it. I know it worked because they had trucked the unit down to the Northwest Quincy dealer in Spokane to test it. It was given a clean bill of health by Quincy.

Now this is a monster of a motor to run at home. It was a little scary in the starting department before I got a handle on what was to be expected.

In the beginning I could not get it to completely get up to speed. I was especially nervous as I had had a little incident earlier where I managed to blow the pole transformer fuse. I just didn’t want that to happen again. The 30 didn’t blow it, it was a wiring problem elsewhere.

What eventually happened was the power company was working on my road replacing old rotten power poles so I got up the courage to call them and complain about voltage sag at my residence. They sent a power engineer out and I explained that the power transformer was too small. (15 kva) And the wiring was inadequate for my air compressor. He didn’t cause any trouble or complain about what I was doing. He said they could double up the wires on the service drop and put in a 37.5 kva for free, if they changed my pole or 300 dollars if they didn’t.

After he left I got a box of termites and threw them out at the base of the pole, but that didn’t work so I had to pay the $300.

What a difference, now the 30 and the 25 both start instantly with no lag.

This video show me running the 30 hp inside the shop. It still needs work on the balance capacitors as the rotary compressor works differently than a piston one. It modulates the air to hold the pressure at the desired psi. You actually don’t need an air receiver if your shop has a large enough air pipe system. But do to the variable load from max power to no load and everything in between I wanted to come up with a couple of balance points to improve the performance. I got side tracked on some other things and have not finished it yet. Watch this video to see the thing run,