Chad Ruseler at the Man Show Spokane Wa

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Chad Ruseler working the table at the Man Show in Spokane Wa.

Chad goes over the Handy Sharp line and explains the products.

He also does a bit of sharpening and explains as he goes along.

There is one big controversial point that shows up in this video. That is cutting paper. Notice how Chad deftly cuts the paper? Looks very impressive and you know that the knife is sharp.

But can the average person duplicate this at home? After 8 years of selling these things I can say that every year of so we get a complaint from someone that is all frustrated and can not cut the paper and assumes the knife is not sharp.

I wondered about this recently and decided to see for myself. As I explained elsewhere I am not a knife person and don’t sharpen them.

So I took an old knife we had and I spent a frustrating hour working on it. I could never get the paper to cut like Chad. So what we did was we got Chad over and filmed him sharpening it.

If you are not a knife sharpening person this video could bore you. But you can skip through and see the results in the end. It is well worth it for anyone that doesn’t believe these things work.