How to really sharpen a knife

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Do you really want to get your knife sharp? Watch this video to see Chad get the perfect edge on a kitchen knife.
After selling Handy Sharp tool and knife sharpener on the internet for 8 years I have found that typically every 6 months or so we get someone complaining that they can not get their knife sharp. I have found that sharp is a relative term and what they mean is they can not get their knife as sharp as they think it should be. And what are they testing is against? They are trying to cut paper like they saw Chad do at the show.
Well I am not a knife person so I never really worried about it in all those 8 years. But lately I have had more time on my hands and decided one day to sharpen on of our kitchen knifes just to see.
I found that it is a lot harder then I had thought. But as I learned there are two things that have to be mastered not just one.
First we need to have some basic skill at getting an edge on the blade and then second we need to learn the art of cutting paper. Yes, that’s right, it isn’t all that easy to cut the paper like the pros do.
So watch this video and see what I am talking about if you want to be able to really sharpen your knife.