I am giving it away

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Am I nuts or what? I am actually giving this 10 horse Curtis D 97 compressor with 3 phase converter away for free.

Sorry you all ready missed it!

On Wednesday December 12 this compressor was loaded on a freight truck in Spokane Washington and sent to Stephen Cox in Stevenville Texas.

Why did I do that; because it made sense to me.

My wife and I have been looking around the 5 acres here and wondering what would happen if we or she had to downsize. I figured out the I have over 5,000 square feet of storage buildings on the property. And every building is jam packed. As far as air compressors go I had the 10 I gave away, a five horse champion, a 20 horse Worthington, a 25 horse Le Roy, and a 30 horse Quincy rotary. All that and I am trying to wind down.

As you know from the site here I sell a book on Amazon on how to build converters, modify transformers, make transformers and all that good stuff. So I figured if instead of selling the compressor on Craigslist for a paltry sum of money, why not get some advertising mileage out of it for the book.

So that is how I ended up giving it to Stephen Cox and his You Tube channel which is here. Stephen Cox

I had originally thought of ChuckE2009 as I had stumble across his channel first. He could not use it at that time and steered me to Stephen.

Will this pay off in the long run? I don’t know about financially, but as for making a person feel good it sure does. I am giving it to a young person who will get a lot of use out of this. These cast iron compressors will go for a long time, maybe his kids will get to use it.

When I first built the compressor up with the converter I was making a show case out of it. I did this by loading the compressor with all the options I would want on one for my own shop. I has dual run capabilities, remote switches with indicator lights, and even a welding plug on the side for powering a three phase welder. And even a fan plug on the back to plug in a cheap window fan to cool the thing in hot weather. Watch the video and see for yourself how it works.