Is Amsoil Compressor lube any good in cold weather?

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Being that I am an older person I can remember back to the days when all we had was the old dinosaur oil. I can remember a specific time when the shops big 25 horse compressor could not be started on a cold day. This was not my shop so I was not that upset at seeing 5 workers all standing around doing nothing. But the boss was sure mad. No one thought of putting a heater on the compressor because it didn’t get that cold in Seattle. But this time it did and that compressor would not turn over.
I think if they had used Amsoil they could have gotten it running. I wanted to see if there was an improvement on this Ingersoll Rand compressor. It is 10 horse running from a transformer converter. Cold start in the morning and it’s about 37 degrees Fahrenheit.
No problem starting it.