What is a Handy Sharp?

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This is something new on Unique3phase.
My wife and I have a website and have sold the Handy Sharp line of knife and tool sharpeners for the last 8 years.
I always kept that separate from the Unique3phase site for what ever reason I had at that time.
But now that I am retired and have more time to do things I have decided to also put Handy Sharp information on this site.
So you will now see videos about Handy Sharp and Sharp-n-spark on my Unique3phase You Tube channel and interesting information about them here as I see fit.
So what is the big deal about a Handy Sharp tool and knife sharpener, who makes them, and where can I buy them?
They are imported from China and Chad Russler and a few other people take them around the country to gun shows, survival shows, and similar venues. They personally demonstrate the product and sharpen knifes for people that come to the sales table.
The beauty of this sharpener is that you can carry it with you and have it available at all times. My wife learned how to use it and now she never bothers me to sharpen her kitchen knives. She just pops it out of the drawer and with just a few strokes of the tool the knife is sharp. The secret I see is to keep them sharp and not let them get too dulled out. I find that if you have to break out a wetstone or some other piece of clumsy equipment then you tend to let it go longer and longer and then it takes more time to bring it back.